Sports & Co-curricular

The school conducts various competitions and activities that are carried out with great cooperation by each and every member of the school. The school has got a sports committee that is keen in arranging every competition with great concern and enthusiasm. The school has got its houses that keep the students motivated and students enjoy participating under these houses.

  • Gandhi (Green), 

  • Nehru (Red), 

  • Patel (Blue) & 

  • Tagore (Yellow) & 3 clubs. Eco & Science, Sports, Integrity

    The students Council comprises of the house Captains & Vice-captains. They are led by the school Head Boy, Head Girl & Asst. Head Boy & Asst. Head Girl. There are regular Inter-House competitions. These include various activities like performing & visual Arts, sports, flower decoration, Salad decoration, Rangoli etc.

Activities accomplished:

We have a wide sphere of activities that helps the students to sustain the right skills at the right age. Here, is the list of activities that we plan for our students:

  • Value education

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Yoga

  • Craft

  • Games and sports

  • Karate

  • Career counseling

  • Computer

In addition to this, there are regular physical education classes, sports activities that have been made compulsory. There are also tours, excursion, picnic and field trips that are organized periodically for the overall development of the students. These things have also been meant to introduce the cultural and historical heritage for the students.