Principal's Message

An institute is formed by the people, its heritage and most importantly its values. A school’s strength of pillar is its Principal. Principal is the head and core of any block. Our organization’s Principal leads the team in the most effective ways. Our Principal has a noted method to nurture those dreams and aspirations in the students and make them realize their potentials to gain and achieve the greatest heights. The Principal is the most influential persona of an organizational institute. We at Scholar’s Convent are privileged to have a personality like her. Here is what he has to say about the school:

Note from my desk:

“Scholar's Convent was established in the year 2008 with the intension to provide education to all. We are proud to inform that it is now affiliated to CBSE from the session 2012-2013. Scholars convent provides all the opportunities to students for their all round development and motivate them to become Ideal citizens of India. To- day-Education does not mean only earning bookish knowledge for the sake of job but it should help child to develop life skills, values and personality. Every child is unique and has some Special potential. We try to explore that potential and nourish it by providing suitable environment. Dear students follow your dreams and try to trace your path with courage to fulfill your dreams”.