CBSE Mandatory Documents

Welcome to Scholars Convent, Amravati


A glimpse of education:

A glimpse of education is viewed very beautifully and it states that the one which is critically imperative. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. This is the quality of our education and this is the quality of our living. We as a school not only impart quality education, but also emphasize of cementing the dynamics of social development. Scholars Convent is a school that aims to bring the all rounder development in not only the students but also our teachers. We believe that ĎEducation can be granted only when there is a two way development for both students and the teachersí. We are firm at this and therefore introduced a school that is free of restrictions and regulations. We have always considered that giving quality liberalization to our students will help them in strengthen their futures.

Our school - An intro:

Scholars convent aims to prick new tactics and new strategies to aid the students. A school should have two basic mortalities: the fruit of education should be sweet and the seeds should open up challenging thoughts. We a group of expertise, have always comes up with new segments and new inventions to give something different every day. Scholars Convent is a CBSE school, which is located in the central arena of fine green hush. Our location in Badnera, has not created an infrastructure for students but also for the teachers to feed them with new learning skills daily. We are located at Badnera Road, Amravati. Scholars Convent is an English medium co-educational institute that follows CBSE syllabus. Our institute aims at imparting the quality education for all the students who are mentally, physically, morally and culturally on the verge of blooming. We want our students to become responsible citizens and craft themselves into those fine arts. As a school, we have set an example to have created many well known doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects etc. The school has always aimed to provide all rounder development for the students in Art, Culture, Music, dance, language, games and sports, yoga and computer literacy besides the broad educational curriculum.

Vital details:

  • School registration authority: Edu. Dept., Zilla Parishad, Nagpur

  • Status of affiliation: 
    Permanent/Regular/Provisional Provisional
    (i) Affiliation No. 1130381
    (ii) Affiliation with the CBSE Board

About the Sansthan:

A schoolís greatest contributor is its Sansthan which is meant to stand as a social pillar in its developing infrastructure. Our Sansthan is Shree Shaikshanik & Samajik Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha, which focuses on providing quality education for the students.

Reg. No. : MH 120/06 (1860) & F-22440(Nag) (1950)

Managing core:

Mrs. Sudha K. Pandhare , Mrs. Veena V. Bakshee, Mr. Arun V. Morey, Mr. Soham Kokarde, Mrs. Prachi Karmarkar, Ms. Swari Malviya
Mrs. Sunita R. Dhok, Mr. Ajay P. Umredkar, Mrs. Shilpa N. Kasture, Ms. Manorama Masram, Mr. Rahul S. Dhok, Ms. Archana P. Umredkar
Dr Shrikant Padhye, Dr Sunil Bihade

The Chairmanís core vision:

A man is known by the great works he does and so is the case with our Chairman. He is a man with great vision and is a young talent in the society. Mr. Amit Narayanrao Bhongade is the chairman whose solitary vision is to lead this great educational architecture.


A trustee for an organization increases the graph of success. The trustees involved are as follows:



Vice President


Joint Secretary



Principles nurtured:

The postulates of an organization create a drastic impact on the lives of the students. We at Scholarís point aim to imbibe and extract something new and meaningful for the students every time. The Principleís that we nurture are meant to create precise and concise future images of the students. Principles are the root level for any problem. So, better strengthen the root with appropriate minerals and proteins that will yield the best and most effective fruits. There are following Principles that we nurture:

  • Ease in communication: Students find easy communicating if there is appropriate consistency in teaching tactics. This will be done through effective and stress free surroundings.

  • Qualities at ease: We at the Scholarís point, have always triggered to give all our students with those qualities of sharing and caring, regularity and punctuality auras.

  • School with great discipline: Talking about the discipline in the school, we have always considered that parents are expected to support the schoolís efforts to inculcate discipline and good habits in the students. We also try to cement new ideas of disciplines for the students every day.

  • Teachers talking: We at Scholarís point, have teachers that are far more trained, qualified, dedicated, warm, and affectionate.

  • Core values inherited: Our core values have been the source of guidance to all the students. We imbibe the spirit of adventure, achievement, inner discipline, tolerance, understanding, and respect for different values and customs in students.

  • Cultural values synchronized: The staff personally takes care about lamenting all those core cultural values that will synthesize the cultural, moral and ethical ideals of this ancient land of ours with the futuristic, computer oriented and progressive aspiration for modern, global times.