There are certain rules and regulations that should be considered by the students while they attend the school. The courtesies that we have should be followed with keen interest and should be looked after it. Here, is the list that should be followed:

  • It should be noted that the students should always greet their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voice, whenever they meet them in school or outside.

  • It should be noted that they should ask or answer questions politely.

  • It should be noted that they shall talk in a distinct and clear voice and avoid the use of slang, loud talk. They must take care not to interrupt anyone who is talking.

General guidelines for parents:

  • The management committee reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the school.

  • Parents are advised to buy the books and exercise books, uniforms for their ward from the school or authorized dealers.

  • All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal.

  • The school will not be responsible for any injury or bodily harm that may inadvertently occur to any student during the pursuit of normal school or extracurricular activities.

  • Parents are expected not to disturb teaching. They should not enter classrooms during class hours. They may meet the teachers on Parents teachers meeting days or during the visiting hours with prior appointment.

  • Punctuality will be strictly enforced upon the students.

  • Parents/Guardian is allowed to meet the Principal between 10.00 am to 11.30 am.

  • The student going from Pre Primary to Primary level (Std 1) will have to undergo readmission procedure.

  • Parents are requested to take their wards home after school hours within maximum 10 minutes.

  • Educational visits/Picnics are must for every student.

  • Interaction of Parents and teachers is must. Parents meeting are arranged in the session and class wise Parent teacher meet on every 2nd Saturday to know about the Progress of children and their problems. Parents should attend Parents Teacher meet on notified dates.