Aim of the School

The aim that we proclaim is meant for the all rounder development of a child by shaping them through various skills and leading them to become a worthy citizen of free India.

Goals met:

The goals of our school are chalked out in order to go with the pickup line ‘ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT’. We have aimed to synchronize an integral approach for the growth and development of human personalities. We aim high to go with the facts aiming to synchronize with the: Physical, mental, emotional, social, Psychological and spiritual aspects. We have always considered to dig the quality and value based education and aspects that is conducive for the all round growth of young minds. So, in order to achieve this aim, we have established innovative and modern methods of teaching. 

Opaque objectives:

Objectives are meant to sustain the living on this earth. A school without any objective is like a restaurant without a chef. So, we have number of objectives that aim to trigger the guidance in the correct way. Here are the objectives:

• Providing academic knowledge.
• Developing thinking skill and scientific attitude.
• Providing opportunities for personality development.
• Focusing on Life skills and value based approach.
• Facilitating creativity and excellence.
• Nurturing aesthetic sense.
• Promoting psychomotor skills.